API is Edge that can create an user and associate him with a company

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With our APIGEE installation, we have a vetting process for company admins that is outside of APIGEE and at the end of the process, our design is to call the Edge Management APIs to create a developer account, create a company and designate the developer as the company administrator.

We also have our process designed to create a new app and add products during the API subscription process review.

Are there any features in Edge that allow us to make a single call for say creating the developer account and the company making the newly created account as the company administrator?

Similarly for the app creation and product addition to the app too. Instead of making multiple calls, wonder if there is a way to customize Edge so that it offers a single call for the above scenarios.

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Nope - there are multiple API calls for those operations.

One could imagine writing an API Proxy that bundles up those calls. Or writing a script that gets triggered and invokes the series of calls. That would mean YOU would create the "one call" to do what you want. But there is not one call available, out of the box.

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Thanks Dino. I thought so too but was requested by some of our interfacing apps to clarify this question. hence the posting!

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