Default fault role is not wotking

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Hy volks,

I'm trying to get in the defualt fault step, to test my app, but if I fail, the default case is not executing...
Here is my code:

        <FaultRule name="UnresolvedVariable">
            <Condition>(execution.error.message Matches "xxx")</Condition>
        <DefaultFaultRule name="default-fault">

And here is a trace scanshot:


Any idea what should I do more to get the correct process?

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Please specify the below element under DefaultFault rule to execute the default fault rule.


For more info please refer the docs page.

Note: If the <DefaultFaultRule> has the child element <AlwaysEnforce>true</AlwaysEnforce>, the DefaultFaultRule is always executed, even if another FaultRule was executed as well. Any payload and/or headers set by a policy in the DefaultFaultRule get returned to the client, since it's the last to execute.

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After some debuggimng, I recognised, I need to put the <DefaultFaultRule> tag out of the <FaultRules> Tag.

In practice:

I did wrong:

<FaultRules>// some other <FaultRule/><DefaultFaultRule/></FaultRules>


<FaultRules>// some other <FaultRule/></FaultRules><DefaultFaultRule/>
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