Developer portal shows pending for product that is approved

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I'm seeing an issue where if I register for an application and one of the products I register for has manual approval, all products will show as "Pending" approval regardless if they're automatic or manual approval. However, it will only show this way in the page with all a users's applications (/user/{userID}/apps). The page for the specific application (/user/{userID}/app-detail/{appID}) correctly shows each product as pending or approved.

Either way, this will not affect whether the product can be used (API calls can still be made to the product that is incorrectly showed as pending). The issue is only in the /user/{userID}/apps page.

Let me know if you need additional information to reproduce this issue.

This issue is similar to this one, except the problem I'm having is opposite:

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Are you talking about the Drupal-based devportal?

If so, I think the behavior you described is as designed, and possibly as desired.

I think what's happening is: you create an app for N products. Not all of them have automatic approval.

The key itself is created, and is valid for all API products for which automatic approval is enabled.

The key is pending for the API Products for which manual approval is in force.

The "master" display page for the app shows only one status.... "Pending".

I believe it is done this way to simplify the UI. If every API product is approved, then the key is approved. If any API product is pending, then the key is shown as "pending".

If this is not what you want, you will need to change the devconnect_developer_apps_list.tpl.php template to more intelligently label the apps in the master list.

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Yes, I'm referring to the Drupal-based developer portal. I understand what you're referring to but I think I'm describing something different: the approval status for each individual product for one application. The behavior I'm seeing is inconsistent across multiple pages.

I registered for an application with two products: One with automatic approval, one with manual approval. The one with automatic approval was automatically approved while the status of the manual approval product is still pending.

This is what I see in the list of all my apps (/user/me/apps):


This is what I see in the page for the specific application (/user/{userID}/app-detail/{appID})


As you can see, the Campus Locations product correctly shows as Approved in the second image, while it shows as pending in first image. The seems inconsistent. Is this expected behavior?

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Hi Jared, sorry I missed your followup question.

I agree that it sure looks inconsistent. I cannot imagine why it is being displayed that way. The best I can suggest to you is to debug the pages in question. I think the behavior you observe in /user/me/apps is probably the result of a heuristic embedded into the logic of that template that assumes that there is one API product, or assumes that all products in an app are either manual or automatic.

I have examined the template file I mentioned previously, and seen that it's pretty simple.

The solution is to modify that template file and make it a little smarter.

You will have to know PHP in order to do that.

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Just wanted to check back on this issue as it's still prevalent. Is anyone able to reproduce this issue?

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Sorry about the trouble you're having.

I just replied to your year-ago concern, see above. I don't see a way to solve it without you opening up the template file and debugging the inconsistent behavior you see.

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