Edge: Graphite statistics for error cases

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With an on-premise version of Apigee Edge, are there any graphite metrics for:

  • back-end server unresponsive
  • back-end server down
  • spike arrest violations / JSON threat / Regex threat / API key errors
  • client premature disconnects
  • counters by HTTP status code (e.g., 504) rather than just by class (e.g., 4xx)

I've found this this community answer which lists a subset of the graphite categories but doesn't list all of the metrics.

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yes you could get, almost, all of the information i think

I don have the metric names handy, but you will find most of them just by exploring using a JMX browser or thro a JMX REST bridge like https://jolokia.org/

> you have counters by status codes

> connections per backend and clients

> timeouts per client and backends

For metrics on, 'spike arrest violations / JSON threat / Regex threat / API key errors' -- these are app level errors - so typically you could use message logging to log these errors to syslog and write them to graphite

For JMX, you could use jmx collectd plugins to write to graphite


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Are the metrics provided via JMX a superset of the ones that are written to graphite? I've looked through the metrics provided by the FLOW, HTTP and THREADPOOL categories but don't see these metrics.

Is there an official listing of all of the JMX metrics or more details? This article suggests that JMX and graphite have the same metrics.

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UPDATED: yes, they are one and the same,

you should find the metrics under http/Serverstatistics and http/clientstatistics on both router and MP, Edge operations guide documents some of them, but not all - will check on that

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