Error in creating a company in cloud

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following is the error code when am trying to create company in cloud.Please guide me.

i tried a lot but no luck ,can somebody please look into this issue in priority?

here is the error code

{ "code": "mint.resourceAlreadyExists", "message": "Conflicting Developer already exists", "contexts": [] }

thanks in advance

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The error describes the Developer already exists. Can you try with different developer details?

Else you can check the developer details if it exists, whether your request details are same or not.

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Thanks @ Priyadarshi Ajitav Jena for the response,

but the developer which we are referencing in creating a developer app, already exists.

we checked developer details too.its same

we can reference same developer to multiple apps right. i did the same.But nothing working out .

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Hi @manikanta ponneri, Are you following the below link?

if not can you share the process you are following ?

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