To create proxy API for Microsoft Sharepoint Online

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Kinldy provide some reference documents for configuring the apigee with Sharepoint Online. Also help us understand how apigee can be leveraged to Sharepoint for data/content transactions with external system like ERP systems etc.

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Apigee Edge can be configured as an API Proxy for any API endpoint.

Sharepoint Online does expose some REST-ful APIs, and as such, it can be proxied by Apigee Edge.

The next question is: what are you trying to do? It's easy to configure Edge as a pass-through proxy for Sharepoint or any other API. But normally people don't simply configure a proxy as a pass-through. What do you want the proxy TO DO ?

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Requirement is to query SharePoint list or Library data from an external system(3rd Party Tool) via apigee. Is there any reference document for configuring apigee for SharePoint Restful API's?

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@Dino Please post if any update on this.

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