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Tile shadow Beta feature in Theme Settings

Was wondering if anyone has had any success with updating the Theme, specifically the Tile Shadow via API. It seems that none of the beta features are able to be modified in the Theme Settings in the admin console. 

If there’s a better way, please let me know! A bit new to Looker.

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For those that reach this page in the future, this feature is not ready to be utilized and there are not any current plans in the pipeline (quoted from Looker engineer). As of 12/29/21.

mm where does it say that this is a beta feature? 

The 3.1 docs list out various ThemeSettings and `tile_shadow` is definitely one of them. So I’d expect that to work. 

However we couldn’t get it to work when passed to the dashboad using the SDK embed URL method… 

Can someone from Looker provide a clear answer as to whether this feature is supported or not?