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Simplify table calculation

    I need an idea on simplify a table calculation to reduce unnecessary steps. 
      For instance: 

 1+1*(${to_kin_premium_target} -1) 

0 7 43

Participant V

What are you trying to do here?

I’m trying to simplify that calculation.


To reduce unnecessary steps in line 7. So instead of having it like the way it is right now, I’m trying to make line 7 into a simple calculation.

Participant V

Can you paste the whole calculation, I can’t see anything from that screenshot

# Floor:              1
# Ceiling:            1.1
# Floor Multiplier:   3
# Celing Multiplier:  3

6: if(${to_kin_premium_target} <= 1,
 7:  1 + 1*(${to_kin_premium_target}-1),
 8: if(${to_kin_premium_target} <= 1.1,
  9:  ${to_kin_premium_target},
  10:  1.1 + 3 * (${to_kin_premium_target} - 1.1)))

Want to simplify line 7.

Participant V

And what is this operation, what purpose is taking the 1 off, multiplying it by one, and adding the one back?

The purpose is to weigh reps goal  based on the work they put in. So if a rep is above floor and ceiling, then they get 3* of what they are performing. If the are between 1/1.1, the get straight payout. If the are way under 1/1.1, they were penalised 3* of their performance. So instead of penalising them by 3, we want to just give them whatever they are performing. So for instance if a rep is performing on 70% we want to give them 70% instead of dropping that 70% down because they under performed.
Line 7 in the calculation was initially  1+3* but we changed the 3 to a 1 in order to drop decelerator. I’m not sure if this answers your question. I just need an idea of making the operation a bit simpler than it is right now.

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