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Bigquery and Looker tables not synched

Recent modifications were made to our google bigquery tables but I don't see the modifications in my looker tables. I have refreshed my Git branch and have committed to master. In Looker sql runner I do see the modifications, what’s needed to do in Looker? The Connections test has no errors!

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CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER, or selec Clear Cache and Refresh

Perhaps I did not provide enough explanation. We actually added additional fields in our BigQuery tables that I don’t see in our Looker tables, so clearing cache did not do it. Also, initially I added  webhook deploy secret to the project configuration but have since removed it. Could this be why the tables are not synching? Thanks

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There seem to be few steps missing. Have you added your fields to LookML? Have you deployed your LookML changes to production? Where did you check your “Looker tables” - in sql runner or an explore

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