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What are mode=0 & mode=1 in active_derived_table?

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Last tested: Nov 10, 2020

The mode column indicates the state of the derived table.

  • mode=0 being inserted into active_derived_table indicates that a table needs building.
    • 2020-09-10 00:35:53.872 +0000 [INFO|5f59582f04833e9887e4d4b663f993dd|db:looker] :: (0.000946s) INSERT INTO `active_derived_table` (`key`, `structure`, `dead_at`, `name`, `connection`, `mode`, `model`, `retired_at`, `full_view_name`) VALUES ('TH9V2WU3F8FXOODPMURFG_some_table', 'THEQ5ULC9Z5BC1VYH13EF_some_table', 0, 'LR$TH9V21599698153866_some_table', 'some_model', 0, '', 32503593600, 'some_table'
  • mode=1 being inserted into active_derived_table indicates that a regen thread has picked up this table and begun building in (typically the entry for the mode=1 build claim will have a pdt log action of "create begin" & pdt log action data of "prod."
    • 2020-09-10 00:35:53.892 +0000 [INFO|5f59582f04833e9887e4d4b663f993dd|db:looker] :: (0.000916s) INSERT INTO `active_derived_table` (`key`, `structure`, `name`, `connection`, `dead_at`, `mode`, `model`, `dev_mode`, `retired_at`, `full_view_name`) VALUES ('TH9V2WU3F8FXOODPMURFG_some_table', 'THEQ5ULC9Z5BC1VYH13EF_some_table', 'LR$TH9V21599698153866_some_table', 'some_model', 1599698213, 1, '', NULL, 32503593600, 'some_table')

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